~Cassandra Chronicles~ #3 Sweet 18

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Welcome back all to the Cassandra Chronicles, a series where rich girl Cassandra Goth leaves home in order to find herself, by completing all aspirations and maxing all skills!

For the last few parts Cassie has been roughing it alone, living off the land, and avoiding the authorities so she won’t be dragged back into a life she doesn’t want, however that period of her life will be ending soon, soon she’ll be able to make a living, get a house and do whatever she wants…what could possibly go wrong?

But first….a little bit of subplot.

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Quick Update!

Hey all, thank you to everyone who has read/subbed to this blog, it makes me so happy to know you are as interested in this story as I am.

That being said I haven’t managed to hit my 1 chapter per week target, mainly because I am having a First Aid Course for work over the next few weeks. I know it doesnt sound like much, but sitting there for half of a day is actually pretty draining, adding on to working in a childcare setting leaves me pretty drained.

So it may be a little time before the next update. Apologises!

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~Cassandra Chronicles~ #2 A Chance Encounter

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Welcome back all, to Cassie’s fearless dive into what can only be considered a monstrous task. To find out who she is, by trying everything the game has to offer. All while avoiding family drama and living off the land, all before turning 18!

I hope you are enjoying the series so far, and are just as excited as I am to see how it goes from here. I appreciate the early chapters are going to seem a little slow, since Cassie is currently a homeless runaway and can’t really do much as far as the challenge goes.

Good thing this is a story so we all know a solution has to present itself..

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~Cassandra Chronicles~ #1 The Struggles of Life

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Welcome back to Cassandra Goths quest to find her goal in life, by completing every skill and aspiration in the game!

In the Intro, we discovered that Cassandra Goth didn’t approve of the expectations of being a ‘Goth’ so fled her home to begin her life anew, simply as, Cassie.

How can a teen with no skills, funds, or parental support cope? Hopefully, well enough!

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Why Cassandra Became ‘Cassie’

Greetings all, I go by PlayerRach2 among the community and although I have been pretty silent as of late. In the past I have completed the Legacy, and 100 Baby Challenge challenges, and was looking for something new, so attempted to put this ‘little’ challenge together.

While brainstorming ideas for this challenge, Cassandra Goth caught my attention and thus a loose story idea formed, so here we are. She is going to attempt to max out all aspirations and skills in TS4. But with a story element. I hope you enjoy this small intro.

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